MELILEA ORGANIK Makanan Terbaik untuk Kualitas Hidup yang Lebih Baik


Rabu, 12 Desember 2012


Date Country Company Brand Problem
Produk susu formula yang ditarik
8-Feb-06 Egypt Lacto-Misr Babysan 1 "Lacto-Misr was stopped from production after incidences of diarrhoea and GIT, believed to be cuased by an oil added to the formula. An investigation is still underway."
Penarikan Produk SUSU FORMULA Nutricia Ovalrit & Beberix  :
20-Dec-05 The Netherlands Nutricia Ovalrit & Beberix "(Refer problem under 2 below) 2 sterilizers in Nutricia factory in Opole, Poland, had defects, and glass particles lodged under the rim of the jar cover. VWA (Netherlands Health and Safety Authority) alerted the International Rapid Alert System. All Ovalrit and Beberix batches from the 2 defective sterilizers were recalled."

Penarikan Produk SUSU FORMULA Nutricia Ovalrit :  15-Dec-05 The Netherlands Nutricia Ovalrit 'tuingroenten met rijst' (garden vegetables with rice) Consumer complaint about tiny glass splinters under the rim of the cover. Nutricia withdrew the complete batch of Olvarit garden vegetables with rice with a best before date of 03 Aug 2008. Advert in nation-wide newspapers asks consumers to throw the pots in the dustbin. Costs of the jar will be reimbursed if cover is sent to Nutricia.

Penarikan Produk SUSU FORMULA Numico/Milupa :  25-Nov-05 Italy "Numico/Milupa" "Aptamil 2 Liquid, Aptamil Soya and Aptamil Babymil: recalled products estimated to amount to less than 100,000 litres" "(Refer to contamination by IsopropilThioXanthone below) Milupa recalled about 100,000 litres of products. "
Penarikan Produk SUSU FORMULA Babymill Cereabib 1 & 2  : 16-Oct-05 "Luxembourg, Netherlands " Babymill Cereabib 1 & 2 Contaminated with Enterobacter SAKAZAKII. Recall after test by Le Laboratoire National de la sante - service du controle des denrees alimentaires.
Penarikan Produk SUSU FORMULA Mead Johnson Enfamil A  |  25-Jul-05 Argentina Mead Johnson Enfamil AR "Infant formula contaminated with Enterobacter SAKAZAKII. All products recalled from shelf in the market, stocks blocked at importers and those already purchased by mothers to be recollected. Sale suspension ordered by the Federal Capital government."
Penarikan Produk SUSU FORMULA |  11-Apr-05 "France exported to Middle East and Africa" Danone "Bledilait 2 eme age Gallia 2eme age Nursie 2eme age Alma 2eme age Gallia 2eme age" "Salmonella agona caused illness in as many as 54 infants (1 to 12 months) from different parts of France between January and April 2005. Recalls were issued by the European Commission, Health and Consumer Protection Directorate. Authorities traced Salmonella to factory source. The Picot manufacturing facilities (see recall 10) were used to produce Danone products for export: Nursie, Alma, Gallia and Bledilait, hence the recall of these products as well. "
SUSU FORMULA Finland Nutricia  | 18-Feb-05 Finland Nutricia "Valio (Peptide Tutteli & Gefilus
Peptide Tutteli)" 10 times overdose of Vitamin D.
SUSU FORMULA Abbott Ross  |  2-Feb-05 USA Abbott Ross "Similac Advance (with Iron)12.9 ounce cans" presence of black plastic particles.
22 Jan&Feb 2005 France Picot Picot "The Institut Pasteur in France identified an unusual number of strains of Salmonella serotype agona in Picot products. 44 children were affected, all aged between 1 to 6 months, hospitalised, all cured."
25-Jan-05 "Switzerland, France" Nestle liquid ready to feed Guigoz milks "The liquid milks looked abnormal (curdled) or had
unpleasant smell due to tiny leaks in the packaging."
Penarikan Produk SUSU FORMULA Aptamil infant formula | 25-Jan-05 "Sao Paulo, Brazil" "Numico/Milupa
distributor: ProdutosNutricionais Ltda " Aptamil infant formula "Product batch banned due to detection of Enterobacter SAKAZAKII bacteria. Imposition of temporary ban of 6months on product."
Pelarangan Produk SUSU FORMULA Pregestimil, Enfamil Pregestimil | 1-Jan-05 "Sao Paulo, Brazil" Mead Johnson "Pregestimil, Enfamil Pregestimil" "ANVISA (Brazilian Food Control Agency) banned the use, marketing, distribution and entry into Brazil of these infant formulas. (Ministry of Health of France is investigating the relationship of these products with a type of bacterial infection.)"
Produk SUSU FORMULA Mead Johnson Pregestimil Infant formula  | 12-Oct-04 "France, Hong Kong,UK, Brazil, The Gambia, Gabon, UK and others" Mead Johnson Pregestimil Infant formula contaminated with Enterobacter SAKAZAKII .( terkontaminasi bakteri SAKAZAKII ) 2 out of 4 infants died. 3 of them consumed Pregestimil and the 4th had direct contact with one of the ill ****es.
Produk SUSU FORMULA Guan Wei Yuan Guan Wei Yuan | 7-Sep-04 "New York, USA" Guan Wei Yuan Guan Wei Yuan "Products do not contain amounts of protein and other essential ingredients as indicated on the label. On-going and exclusive consumption of these formulas could have severe health consequences, particularly in newborn infants, pre-mature infants or others with weakened immune systems."
Produk SUSU FORMULA penyebab konstipasi | 6-Sep-04 Australia Nestle NAN 1 Probiotic Starter infant formula with Bifidus "Incorrect mix of formulation, not meeting the Food Standards regulation. Possible changes in the protein and iron levels, leading to constipation and/or diarrhoea."
Produk SUSU FORMULA penyebab Dehidrasi | 31-Mar-04 "Ottawa, Ontario, USA" Mead Johnson Enfalac Pregestimil Hypoallergenic Infant formula. "Incorrect size of scoop, results in over-concentrated formula preparation, with severe medical problems such as diarrhoea and dehydration."
Produk SUSU FORMULA penyebab beriberi | 11-Oct-03 Israel "Humana (Germany); Remedia, Israel" "Tzimchit Super Formula - soya-based milk substitute
Junior Tzimchit Super Formula" "Lack of vitamin B1 or thiamine, all ****es hospitalised had been fed with Remedia. 2 infant deaths since June, 3 in critical condition in hospital, 10 suspicious case
under investigation. Health Ministry said 7 infants fed with formula suffered beriberi. "
Produk SUSU FORMULA Terkontaminasi bakteri SAKAZAKII  | 1-Sep-03 "Evansville, Ind, USA" Mead Johnson Enfacare LIPIL Infant Formula Voluntary recall 505 cases of EnfaCare LIPIL 12.9 ounce. Contaminated with Enterobacter Sakazakii.
Penarikan SUSU FORMULA Nursoy, Promise Terkontaminasi bakteri SAKAZAKII | 1-Nov-02 China "Wyeth (Shanghai
Wyeth Nutritional Co. Ltd.)" "Nursoy, Promise" Promise milk powder had nitrate content exceeding the national standard. Nursoy contained Enterobacter sakazakii. Recall of over 100 million tins of milk formula.
Penarikan SUSU FORMULA Terkontaminasi bakteri SAKAZAKII  | 11-Feb-02 USA Wyeth "Baby Basics, Kozy Kids, CVS, Hill Country Fare, HEB Baby, American Fare Little Ones, Home Best, Safeway Select, Healthy Baby, Walgreens, Parent's Choice " FDA testing at the Wyeth plant found contamination by Enterobacter SAKAZAKII .
Penarikan SUSU FORMULA Beba 1 |5-Feb-02 Belgium Nestle Beba 1 "5 day old infant died due to Enterobacter SAKAZAKII after discharge from hospital. On 2nd May, nearly seven weeks after the infant died, the Federal Agency for Food Safety in Belgium asked Nestlé Belgium to recall Beba 1."
Penarikan SUSU FORMULA Terkontaminasi bakteri SAKAZAKII | 2002 USA Mead Johnson Portagen Portagen is a special formula used for infants with difficulty digesting fats. The recall was prompted by the death of a premature infant in April 2001 from meningitis caused by Portagen contaminated with Enterobacter SAKAZAKII .
14-Sep-01 "Texas, USA" Nestle "Nestle Carnation Follow-Up Formula, 32-Fluid-Ounce Liquid ready to Feed" 120 cans distributed only to WalMart stores in Texas cities. Excessive magnesium in cans. Long term use may cause severe adverse health effects such as low blood pressure and irregular heart beat.
15-Aug-01 UK Wyeth "SMA GoldSMA White" Infant botulism. A 5-month-old girl became seriously ill.
7-Jul-01 USA Mead Johnson Nutramigen "Spanish label errors - incorrect preparation instructions. Incorrect amount of water alters formula's precise mixture of nutrients and could cause seizures,
irregular heartbeat and even death if consumed for several days. "
Yr 2000 USA "Abbott RossMead Johnson" "Isomil powder and concentrate; Similac with iron, low iron powder and concentrate; Neosure powder; Enfamil low iron and with iron powder, Enfamil Lacto-free powder;
Prosobee soy powder; Nutramigen powder" "Infant formulas were packaged in cardboard tray/boxes which were misbranded. All lots of cardboard cases and trays that were repackaged, labeled and distributed by Unity Wholesale Grocery since April 25, 2000."
18-Mar-00 USA Nestle "Nestle Carnation Good Start
Nestle Carnation AlsoyNestle Carnation Follow-Up" "Not properly sterilized, voluntary recall for precautionary measures. Concern that formula may not have reached a high enough temperature during sterilisation."
Kasus Sakazaki memang sudah masih bergulir, semoga kesadaran masyarakat akan pentingnya ASI kian terbangun. itu harapan dari semua orang. karena Badan POM dan IPB tidak mau merinci produk apa saja yang terkontaminasi. maka akan lebih baik kita mengetahui beberapa produk yang pernah terkontaminasi di dunia. semoga membuka mata kita, bahwa memang susu formula tidak aman untuk bayi.
Ganti Susu Bayi anda dengan susu kedelai organik


SUSU KEDELAI MELILEA ( MELILEA Organic Soya Drink  ) Minuman Kesehatan lengkap untuk gaya hidup aktif...
Melilea Organic Soya Drink berisikan protein nabati alami dan phytonutrient (Fitonutrisi) yang hanya terdapat pada kacang kedelai. Melilea Organic Soya Drink di produksi di Heilong Jiang di Cina, areal yang telah di kenal di seluruh dunia memiliki lingkungan tanah yang subur dan air yang bebas polusi.

SUSU KEDELAI MELILEA adalah sumber protein yang sangat baik sebagai makanan pengganti susu hewani, daging merah, makanan laut dan makanan berlemak berkolesterol tinggi.

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